Special Issue

Call for Special Issue Proposal Submissions

The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal invites proposal submissions for a Special Issue of the journal. The proposal document should include the following:

  • 1. Potential guest editors (and a link to their website/bios)
  • 2. Proposed special issue theme
  • 3. Description of theme
    • a. Relevance and importance to the SEJ readership
    • b. Potential research questions

Proposals can be sent to Sara DiBari at SEJeditorial@wiley.com.

The Co-Editors of the journal will review the proposal submissions for decisions regarding the prospective special issues at the Annual Strategic Management Society Meetings.

The submission deadline is August 31, 2014.

Enduring Entrepreneurship

We are interested in advancing knowledge about how some people and organizations engage in enduring entrepreneurship through constant renewal and repeated acts of entrepreneurship. In other words, what are the antecedents, boundaries, and consequences of enduring entrepreneurship? We believe that enduring entrepreneurship lies at the intersection of strategy and entrepreneurship, and that insights from both fields are needed to better explain enduring entrepreneurship and its implications.

We encourage submissions that use a wide range of theoretical insights and methods to shed light on the topic of enduring entrepreneurship. To develop theory on the topic of this special issue, submissions can focus on the micro, meso, or macro levels of analysis. Research across levels of analysis is encouraged, but not required. The submission deadline is January 15, 2015.

Guest Editors:

picture of Duane Ireland Duane Ireland Texas A&M University

picture of David Ketchen David Ketchen Auburn University

picture of James Combs James Combs University of Alabama

picture of Peter Jaskiewicz Peter Jaskiewicz Concordia University

Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation

The wider recognition and adoption of open innovation (OI) approaches across various sectors and industries has yielded promising new entrepreneurial opportunities for diffusing knowledge and inventions (by independent inventors, university researchers, customers/users, citizens, etc.). This special issue will focus on how such OI approaches—in all their diversity—affect the nature, structure, process, and outcomes of entrepreneurship. In particular, we invite scholars to focus on the implications of OI for corporate, university, and social entrepreneurship.

We welcome research that:

  • (a) applies existing/emergent theoretical perspectives from economics, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines to improve our understanding of how the emergence of more open innovation ecosystems and models may reshape entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities;
  • (b) develops new conceptual models integrating concepts from entrepreneurship and innovation management to develop a fine-grained understanding of the diverse new actors and their roles in entrepreneurship due to the adoption of OI approaches; and,
  • (c) assesses the impact of the changes in the structure and process of entrepreneurship driven by OI on technology commercialization.

The submission deadline is May 15, 2015.

Guest Editors:

picture of Satish Nambisan Satish Nambisan University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

picture of Donald Siegel Donald Siegel University at Albany-SUNY

picture of Martin Kenney Martin Kenney University of California-Davis

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